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Hi, I'm Frank McNulty


       Hi, I’m Frank McNulty and I’m running to represent Colorado’s 4th congressional district on the University of Colorado Board of Regents.   


        Education, and higher education matter to each one of us. As education is changing, we must work to ensure that the University of Colorado is at the forefront of positive change and that it is not simply swept into the middle of the stream and carried by the current.


     Today’s higher education environment demands leadership, and is in desperate need of strong conservative leadership. If elected, my main priorities include increasing accessibility to the University, improving accountability among leadership, and ensuring the academics and athletics are top tier.

            Public service isn’t new to me. From 2007 – 2013 I served in the state House of Representatives. There I worked on many issues in our state, one of which focused on the expensive out-of-state tuition rates being paid for by the men and women serving our country. I authored and passed legislation that allows men and women in our military, and their dependents, to attend Colorado colleges and universities at the in-state tuition rate while they are stationed here. I also helped develop a merit-based scholarship to help disadvantaged Coloradans to go to college here.  

        I have the experience, and the ability to provide leadership on behalf of the people of CD4.


       I ask for your support and your vote.

       Go Buffs!


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Frank McNulty CU Regent
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